Requests and inquiries for speaking engagements and scheduling should be made through the form on the contact page, as well as if you're interested in a partnership between myself and your non-profit.

Speaking ...

Some of my favorite talks I'm happy to share:

  • No Bridge but the Thread of Patience: Beginning Spiritual Disciplines, 60 minutes, or full retreat schedule
  • Tables in the Wilderness: Finding God when God isn't to be Found, 20 minutes
  • "For in Him we live, move, and have our being": Seeing the World as Sacramental, 30-45 minutes, or full retreat schedule
  • Sacramental Baking: How Kneading Taught me to Pray, 30 minutes — 1 hour
  • Word/Deed: Artistic Creation as Radical Act of Faith, 30 minutes — 1 hour
  • When God is Not: Job, Angels in America, and Unanswered Prayers, 30 minutes
  • On the Shoulders of Giants: What the Western Literary Tradition Means for Your Faith, 40 minutes

Don't hesitate to inquire about other topics as well, ranging from perspectives on modern faith practice to medieval spiritual imagination to seeing the Bible anew. In most cases speaker fees are negotiable based on event size, but include travel in addition to base fees. We can discuss this over email.