Hey there ...

Welcome to this corner of the Internet. I'm the husband of this remarkable woman and the dad of an awesome little guy named Jackson. Jackson was born with some differences—cleft lip, cleft palate, absent right ear, and no right eye. These differences required him to have a tracheotomy, which he won't have for all of his life but will have for a little while. His mom and I learn the image of God again each day with him. (You can read about that here.)

Otherwise, I'm an Anglican deacon, an author, sometimes-painter, sometimes-baker, sometimes-scholar interested in Christian theology and the arts.

I'm a happy-clappy, Jesus-loving, liturgy-liking evangelical. I wrote a book about that.

I am represented by Rachelle Gardner of Books & Such Literary Management.

I've been a writing coach, a resident baker for Our Story, a café in St. Andrews, Scotland, and was a Canon Theologian with focus on research and theological resource assistance. These days, I have the honor of choosing hope with Pure Charity, where I serve as the Communications Manager. All views expressed here, on social media, and in my books are my own.

I love TiVo, HBO, and good wine. Or I don't, if you're against any of that. It's okay. I can bake you cookies. Cool? Cool.

Education ...

Sometimes, people want to know this, so, here we go.

From the University of St. Andrews I hold a Masters of Letters from the St. Mary's School of Divinity in Theology, Imagination, and the Arts (2013), and was offered a place in its PhD program, which I have declined at this time.

I earned my undergraduate degree in Great Texts of the Western Tradition with a focus in medieval monasticism, literature, and theology, as well as a minor in Political Science with a concentration in East Asian regime theory from Baylor University (2012). My undergraduate thesis, a manuscript-length treatment of the patristic and medieval exegetical styles in conversation with six parables of Christ, was directed by Dr. David Lyle Jeffrey.

Elsewhere ...

I've contributed to The High CallingA Deeper StoryTranspositions, and to Grace Table.

On blogging ...

I no longer blog regularly. I loved that season of my life and I love this one, too.

All headshot photography courtesy of Ebersole Photography.