I've been away for a little while.

Several weeks ago my MacBook Pro experienced hard drive failure and between waiting two weeks for that to be fixed and starting the new term at Uni, I just haven't had the time to sit down and write anything properly. In fact, even as I type this out, there's so much I'm trying to properly contain but don't think I can even begin to simplify. Perhaps it's best to condense the past several weeks into a series of bullet points then, starting tomorrow, a sense of regular blogging can begin.

  • I moved the blog to Wordpress, which is fantastic, but it also means I lost all your wonderful comments. I am incredibly sad about that and all attempts to recover them have been futile.
  • I have been contacted by a publisher who has asked me to rewrite my novel over the next year or two with the express intent of publication upon its completion.
  • Between now and the summer, I have three article to research, write, and submit to their respective journals. (Two of them are due December 1.)
  • I have at least two good ideas that have article-potential, pending some more rumination.
  • I have conference proposals in to Pepperdine and Kalamazoo, which would have me speaking at conferences in March and May next term.
  • My thesis director changed and my sights were set specifically on theology.

When it's all out like that, it doesn't seem to be much. But the everyday, the running around trying to get all of this up and running and moving forward, is what has left me joyously exhausted.

I am surrounded by amazing people. My friends devastate me with grace. There are long nights, quiet times, and laughter. The world seems to be slipping slowly into a new hue, something that finally discovers the contentment that I wanted so many months ago when I sat at Common Grounds with my best friend and my mentor and declared that I needed to get on a plane and flee, to go recover something of myself.

It's taken some time, but I can decidedly say that I have returned. Light breaks forth.